Sophisticated, elegant and inspiring Cilantro is ode to subtle sensibilities, creating an ambiance of casual elegance. With a large range of European PVC Foils to choose from Cilantro present an international look in various design profiles. More than 40+ shades to choose from Contemporary to traditional wood finish colors. This kitchen is easy to maintain and clean due to non abortion of any liquids.
Comfortable and soothing: A fine combination of aesthetics and style, the Cinnamon range of kitchens refreshes your senses like a breath of fresh air. With the neat looking post formed HPL fronts in various colors, Cinnamon is ideal for those looking for a smart and affordable kitchen solution.
Inspiring, modern-day design: With colour and light effects, lacquered glass kitchens help convey a bright and creative appearance. Enhanced by the glass, the colour brightens up interiors and animates surroundings with reflections and brilliance. A durable and flawless finish and its brilliance are far superior to that of gloss paints. It is also Resistance to humidity.
Natural, earthy and charismatic:: A bold statement, the warmth of solid wood gives Olive a true feeling of quality, with its rich look of real timber which comes from an enduring process of sawing the wood, kiln drying and the final finishing. The Olive range offers varied design, colors and species of wood in Teak, Steamed Beech, White Ash, Sycamore, White Oak and American Cherry, to truly reflect your style.
Contemporary, dramatic and versatile: Truly a connoisseur’s delight, the textured range of Paprika is a variation that’s just right for those inclined towards simple lines that speak volumes. A myriad of design variations to choose from, Paprika’s ultra modern kitchen spells class for Personal home environments that are being designed increasingly to suit individual needs and habits. Flexibility, functionality and particularity are among the most vital attributes to Paprika kitchens.
Classic, charming and subtle: Affordable, durable, simple yet stunning, the laminated Rosemary range offers ample designs to choose from to give you an up market look without the expensive price tag. Lots of varies of post form Laminates which comes with different shades and plain designs.
Rich, inviting and lustrous: Sophisticated and vibrant this range of high gloss PVC foiled kitchens render a flawless sheen to your kitchen interiors. Available in a spectrum of colors Saffron is uncompromisingly modern and perfect for any home. All hi gloss foils are imported from Germany and hot pressed in our European plant to give that un matched quality and long lasting finish.
Impressive, chic and indulgent: Salsa is a designer compliment to your home. Effortlessly gorgeous, exclusive high gloss lacquered range of Salsa kitchens are elegantly designed and have excellent reflective gloss which can be easily mistaken for a mirror, bringing depth to your kitchens. With unmatched quality range of more than 15 Shades to choose from to suit your taste.
Change the mood of your bedroom with a simple switching of the bed set. Whether you’re looking for romance, cosiness or something bright and fresh, you’re sure to find beautifully designed beset with headboard bottom storage systems, night stand, chest of drawer, dresser and 2 door sliding wardrobe for Rs. 1,67,000/- only.( local taxes and freight extra )
Grande bed setups delight the eye and stir the imagination. We enjoy a long-standing reputation for quality, beset with headboard bottom storage systems, night stand, chest of drawer, dresser and 2 door Hinge wardrobe for Rs. 1,66,000/- only.(local taxes and freight charges extra).
Explore the beautifully designed Draco bed set and give your bedroom a classy and elegant update. These amazing wooden bed designs effortlessly complement traditional and contemporary styles alike. Add a dash of urban cool to your living space with the modern beds by KUVIO. Beset with headboard bottom storage systems, night stand, chest of drawer, dresser and 2 door sliding wardrobe for Rs. 1,60,000/- only. (Local taxes and freight charges extra).
Whether your bedroom is a large suite, or a cozy retreat, you need all the basics—a comfortable bed, storage space, and a proper bedside table—but it is also nice to add in a few extras for a little charm and style, if space allows. We've put together a collection of our best step-by-step building projects to outfit your boudoir. Bed set with headboard bottom storage systems, night stand, chest of drawer, dresser and 2 door Hinge wardrobe for Rs. 1,74,000/- only. (Local taxes and freight charges extra).
The best bedroom furniture for you will depend on a variety of factors, including your personal taste and the space you have to work. With Luna we make sure you have accurate precision finish that fits your bedroom. Bed set with headboard bottom storage systems, night stand, chest of drawer, dresser and 2 door Hinge wardrobe for Rs. 1,83,000/- only. (Local taxes and freight charges extra).
With our TV units range more than 18+ models (customise sizes available as per site conditions), we have focused on intelligent product design and development keeping up with TV panel innovations which are constantly undergoing trend changes. With our in house design and development team we strived to create a product which will add life to your living spaces. Klara TV units range combines form and function with modern materials and finishes. Coming in 3 distinct styles, Klara TV units range is well suited to compliment all interiors and offers modern, trendy and contemporary solution for the latest in audio visual electronics.
This particular benefit becomes more important to anyone with a confined or even somewhat limited space. Since you place this unit on the wall, you never have to worry about since it is off the floor, away from your desk and not placed on a shelf. Your wall mount rack will sit safely in its own space on the wall. A well designed wall rack units will not only give ascetics to your living room interiors but also function like storage for your decorative collections.
A well-organized home is not complete without a shoe; every householder must have a shoe rack for arranging shoes in a good way. Robust and durable – wood furniture is very strong and graceful appearance. Our cabinets are made to handle the wear and tear of daily use. Another big advantage of wooden shelves is that they are very affordable and can be used for a long time to serve with little maintenance with options from sliding to hinge door.
The chest of drawers solves many storage problems that a wardrobe does not. Jumpers, curious, and miscellaneous items that may normally sit unsorted may be neatly stored away in a chest of drawers. They also provide essential not only for bedroom furniture for many people. A nice feature of the chest of drawers is that it can add a design focal point to your bedroom, particularly in a room bereft of other stand-alone furniture. It can become your bedroom or living room's focal point or otherwise discreetly retire into a shady corner. Whatever style you are looking for, you are bound to find something tremendously appealing from us.
Our customized range of quality sliding wardrobe are made out of plywood Cabinets with sliding tracks from world’s best companies to give best quality in sliding and options to choose from a varieties of exotic combination of laminates, Lacquered, Hi-glossy foil, veneers and lacquered Glass. All our wardrobes can be customised with a maximum height up to 10’0” and options to design internals as per your requirements.
Aida & Aura- hinged doors are created using the finest-quality craftsmanship. There are a range of colours and materials to choose from, as well as a curated handle collection to complement your design. Hinged-door wardrobes can be designed to work around less traditional spaces, allowing you to make the most of your storage-space. We can make the majority of our hinged-doors up to 3.0 m in height with of exotic combination of laminates, Lacquered, Hi-glossy foil, veneers and lacquered Glass.
Aida & Aura- Corner sliding wardrobes are meant to save corner spaces for optimum storage. They are Space Saving. When open, these doors do not extend out like the hinged type. You can comfortably maximize your bedroom space without worrying about space. Note that the space-saving quality in not only on the outside of the wardrobe but on the in the inside too. They are designed with sliding panels which operate smoothly enabling you to reach every corner of the wardrobe without having to struggle. We can make the majority of sliding wardrobe up to 3.0 m in height with of exotic combination of laminates, Lacquered, Hi-glossy foil, veneers and lacquered Glass.
Aida & Aura- Sliding & Folding wardrobes offer a wide range of innovative hardware systems for opening doors. This includes various folding and sliding door systems options for Wardrobe. Conveniently sliding with soft close option and materials as per you requirement and design. The optional silent system provides cushioned closure. We can make the majority of sliding wardrobe up to 3.0 m in height with of exotic combination of laminates, Lacquered, Hi-glossy foil, veneers and lacquered Glass.
Aida & Aura- The first sliding door system that manages without any handle at all. For the last word in design flexibility. In-Line wardrobe lets you create flush fitting unit fronts with the luxurious feel of premium convenience quality: opening in response to a gentle pull on the door‘s leading edge. Unbridled flexibility in the use of handles too – you can position them wherever you prefer. Incredibly smooth running action. Soft closing just the way you want it. Doors opening flush with each other. And design that leaves no margin of doubt: no offset to spoil the look, no visible gaps. Sliding can be as captivating as this. We can make the majority of sliding wardrobe up to 3.0 m in height with of exotic combination of laminates, Lacquered, Hi-glossy foil, veneers and lacquered Glass.
Aida & Aura- Our customized wardrobe comes with a variety of internal accessories partly divided into four important components like Shelves, Drawers, Hangers and Internal Accessories. Apart from this accessories add on components are available like pull down trouser rack, tie holder, shoe rack, Glass side baskets, designer shelf drawer , Double line trouser rack, Top hang rack, Lateral storage unit etc.
Aida & Aura- Whether its Hinge door Or Sliding Wardrobes, we have option for internal and external drawer storage systems to match to your requirements. Internal Drawers to hold your jewelleries or any other valuable items with provision of locks is provided. Lateral dividers to organise wallets or pouches can be customised as per your design and finish. Provision for regular or corner hanger rod in crome finish or with led light is available on various sizes as per your wardrobe.
Samet - Exclusive tie with Samet, Leaders in internal Lighting, Kuvio offers a wide range of wardrobes and kitchen Led lighting systems. This fitting comes with excellent life and perfect illumination to beautify for your interiors and day to day lighting requirements. Both concealed and surface lighting systems suits to your mood and ascetics of interiors. Large illuminated shelf from 600 -1200 mm length, Surface led lights with drivers, Concealed lights with sensors, wardrobe hanger lights, Recess mounted Led strip lights, wide mirror led lights etc.
Who doesn't want a walk in wardrobe? Walk in wardrobes are still a luxury in the day and age we live. The ability to have a whole room or closet to put all your clothes in, in an organised style is something many dream for. At Kuvio, we design Walk-in Wardrobe to utilize optimum storage space with open cheast of drawers, Ledges and customized hanges to suit to your requirement. Sliders available for walk in wardrobe up to 10’ height and width of 9’ with option from clear, transparent or Panels as per your taste.
A set of drawers in a reach-in closet adds storage capacity and puts everything within reach. Our drawers feature dovetail construction, under mount slides, and quiet soft-close mechanisms to ensure superior quality and a lifetime of use. Options for on- or off-the-floor construction are available to fit budget, aesthetic, and storage needs. Take advantage of corners with custom solutions that maximize small spaces. A custom-designed closet includes space-saving options, such as multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, drawers, baskets, and hampers.
Contemporary, dramatic and versatile: It’s not just a custom closet. It’s an escape to the way things should be. It’s the promise of an organized life. At Kuvio the ultimate custom closet experience you've been waiting for! Whether you choose a walk-in closet design or want something more elaborate, each solution is custom built from the floor up to fit your space and showcase your wardrobe - exclusively for you - Imagine luxurious, thick-profile construction in exclusive finishes and gorgeous glass or solid doors, locking jewelry drawers, beautiful hardware, customizable islands and soft lighting. Every detail has been carefully created to deliver the uncompromised style and definitive organization solution and custom closet design you deserve.