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Modular Kitchens vs Civil Kitchens


Installation of a modular kitchen does not take much time or effort. It comes flat-packed in boxes and is installed at the site without making any noise, dust or mess. Civil kitchens on the other hand take a lot of time and have to be installed at the site from scratch! Wood-work and stone-work happens in the kitchen itself causing a lot of dust and noise. The main advantage of modular kitchen is that you can easily carry your cabinets and modules in a box and fit the same in your new kitchen. A modular kitchen provides the user/s a clutter-free space to easily work in. The design is made scientifically and every aspect is well thought of, keeping the user/s in mind. Civil kitchens are more or less standard in design and there is no science involved in understanding the dynamics of the room, minimizing the space wastage in corner units, inaccessible base shelves, etc

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